Humanity faces a unique challenge and the deeper we get into a world of lockdowns, quarantines and recession, the more acute that challenge is becoming. Beyond the pathogen, however, are deeper intangibles that must be combated with as much energy as the virus itself: fear, and misinformation. To that end, Hack.Mankind has brought together a group of experts and formed a moderated community to provide hope, leadership, and a source of reliable information to support those that can lead us.

Our experts will help reject fear and look for opportunities to lead, provide ways how to create revenue, create jobs, and give back in this unique time. Through daily webinars, moderated chat rooms, daily emails, and by building a community, Hack.Mankind will provide support via a panel of experts across the following fields: Mindset — Business — Relationships — Fitness and Nutrition — Spirituality — Personal Finance — Education / Family

A key part of Hack.Mankind’s philosophy is to support those who will keep our societies working as we pull ourselves out of this period. Therefore, frontline responders will be able to access everything Hack.Mankind does at no cost. This will initially include doctors, nurses, paramedics, teachers, first responders, and later in the process, the armed forces. They will have free lifetime access: no hooks, no gimmicks.