HairDirections provides professional cosmetology continuing education (CE), including online cosmetology classes, in salon classes, and cosmetology CE events (hair shows, beauty shows).  Several cosmetology classes are available to choose from: haircolor, hair design, hair cutting, salon business, and more.   Our classes are available to cosmetology licensees in every state, including Wisconsin, Illinois (including Chicago), Ohio, and Georgia.  

Online classes: our online cosmetology classes are like watching a movie on your computer and include animated presentations, music, video clips, sound effects, colorful imagery, and more.  These classes are available on-demand, 24/7.  You can complete your course at your own pace over multiple sessions, continuing where you left off when they return later.

Cosmetology CE Events: Fun CE Events (hair shows, beauty shows) held at resorts and hotels designed to inspire you, expand your skills, and increase your paycheck.

In Salon Classes: We will hold a class for you and your friends at your salon. You choose the date and location.