Headquartered in Suburban Denver, Colorado, Silver Lining Bags is the premier product from Toby Sachen, an MIT graduate.  Ms. Sachen’s Engineering degree and experience were crucial in helping her create Silver Lining Bags.  Frustrated that there was no product in the marketplace that would allow her to pack a hairbrush in her purse or luggage she came up with a sleek and stylish bag that protects hairbrushes and also protects the contents of your suitcase or purse from your hairbrush.
The Silver Lining Bag hairbrush protector is our first product, and several more quality products are in our pipeline.  It is available for purchase at www.SilverLiningBag.net , www.Amazon.com, http://tinyurl.com/HairbrushbagsColorfulImages as well as select Salons, Beauty Supply shops and Boutiques.  To contact us visit our website, email us at info@silverliningbags.net or call us from 9 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time at 720-939-5377.