Until now, SMBs only had debt financing (loans) as a meaningful option.  With Halagard they will be able to use their equity for capital, which is a fundamental shift.  We will offer all of the relevant services performed by multiple Wall St. companies who create and trade traditional IPOs.

We are solving two major problems:  
First, globally SMBs struggle to raise capital.  In the USA alone SMB market comprises more than 600K companies, $8T in GDP (44%) and only receives 21% of commercial loans.  Globally SMB’s account for $25T to $42T of GDP and face similar struggles.

Second, investors have been pouring funds into investment companies resulting in historical volumes of funds searching for investments.  The industry term for these funds is “dry powder”.  Currently, there is an estimated $1-$2 trillion dollars of dry powder.

The following two-minute video describes how our marketplace works: https://youtu.be/eZZvqdPcDQw