Established in April 2007, Interactive Biosoftware (IBS) is a software company located in Rouen, France.  IB provides geneticists and researchers with the most sophisticated, easy-to-use and reliable software. The company is managed by a core of five seasoned professionals and influenced by academics specializing in the medical field. The company engineers and manufactures world-renowned decision software, Alamut HT and Alamut 2.2, which aids geneticists and researchers in interpreting mutations and variances in human genes. The software makes appropriate diagnostics, surveillance, and information-sharing between, and across, all tiers of human genome research. IBS strives to play an active role in the process of understanding and finding solutions for society‚Äôs most devastating diseases. It has established significant relations in Western Europe as well as in the U.S. with Harvard University, Columbia University, and Mayo Clinic. For more information please visit www.interactive-biosoftware.com; or contact us at info@interactive-biosoftware.com; 619-312-4444.