Handicap This Productions is a disability entertainment company that focuses on motivational entertainment for all audiences.

Their signature live 2-man stage show, Handicap This! is a 78-minute roller-coaster ride of emotions. This show breaks downs barriers, lifts up attitudes, and brings everyone together.

We combat ignorance, teach awareness, and motivate by example cruisin' in a wheelchair!

Handicap This! is a true story that started in 2001, and continues to this day. Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach hope this show will further their message of 'Judgment Not Allowed' and to inspire all of us to do more with what you have.

Not only is Handicap This! a live stage show, but it is also a motivational message that can be delivered in a Keynote Address or Workshop. Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach will completely customize their message for your group. The core concept of their message is to motivate your group to see new possibilities.