Following his release, Hicks has cultivated a strong literary presence by founding Forlorn Hope Publishing, publishing the first two books in the series, and maintaining a successful blog - www.rrhicks.com.

The series is projected to achieve unparalleled success, with the first book having sold over 1000 copies by word of mouth alone. Hicks is no stranger to the art, his writing acclaimed by several major authors and editors including two-time National Book Award Finalist and American History expert, Richard Slotkin.
With evocative edgy humor, detailed and deliberate historical accuracy, and the linguistic dexterity to weave it all together, Hick’s Hanlin Novels are well worth a read – they will suck you into William Hanlin’s world.

“The conditions I wrote under made my writing better than it was ever going to be, sailing along on a pretty-okay life,” Hicks said. “It made the violence more real, the humor blacker and sharper, the sex honest, disillusionment and betrayal more heartfelt, emotions more raw…”

A strong supporter of preserving the legacy of this era, Hicks will be donating a portion of proceeds to the charitable organizations Civil War Trust and National Preservation Trust.