Lot many who are associated with Hinduism are familiar with word Hanuman Chalisa but who are not Hindu they might not have idea about who is Lord Hanuman . Actually it's stotra or say hymn addressed to hindu religion Lord Rama devotee Shree Hanuman .

It's mentioned in hindu holy book that these 40 chaupais on Hanuman authored by great Tulsidas in ancient Awadhi language . The word Chalisa means forty (40) and it's connected to the lord Hanuman name because this strotas have 40 verses excluding the couplets at starting and end of hymn .

After reading our post on Hanuman Chalisa , now you have idea regarding what is it . And as far as I know after reading it you will become a grate fan of Lord Hanuman ! It happens with everyone because Hanuman is real super hero who gives so much positive energy and people feels freshness for full day .

Anyways let me come at point that if you really come to know about Hanuman Chalisa then you might be looking at Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics right ! Don't worry my friends here I am going to give you lyrics in Hindi and English so that you guys can get the meaning of it .

Some Frequently asked Questions related to Hanuman Chalisa-
Who wrote hanuman Chalisa?
It is written by the great writer Tulsidas. In 16th Century  in Awadhi language.
Who is Lord Hanuman?
In which year Hanuman chalisa is written?
Who is lord Ram?
In what language Hanuman chalisa is written?
Who can Chant Hanuman chalisa?
Can women chant Hanuman chalisa?
Is there any harm to Chant Hanuman chalisa?

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