Hanz de Fuko continues to be an up and coming pioneer in the fashion and beauty industry, working side by side with salons, hairstylists, and their customers, providing innovative products and ongoing education to help address the ever changing styling and grooming needs of men worldwide.

Hanz de Fuko is committed to supplying the image conscious man with affordable, high- quality grooming solutions. We recognize that men like things simple – to look good and feel great without spending a lot of time doing it. Our mission is to expand and improve upon the hair product choices currently available to men and ensure that each purchase is a stylish one.
Hanz de Fuko men’s hair products contain only the highest quality, most effective certified organic ingredients and natural plant extracts. Our unique formulations provide superior results while replenishing, soothing, and hydrating your hair and scalp. Ingredients such as antioxidants, amino acids, essential oils and key vitamins A, C, & E guarantee your hair will always look and feel its best.

- Made with Certified Organic Ingredients
- Natural Plant Extracts
- Powerful Antioxidants
- Essential Oils
- Key Vitamins & Amino Acids
- Paraben Free
- Sulfate Free
- Propylene Glycol Free
- ZERO Animal Testing
- Made and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Hanz de Fuko products are proudly distributed exclusively throughout the US and Canada by Organic Salon Systems. A company dedicated to providing non-diverted, high quality, environmentally responsible products.