At HappiMynd, we want to move the conversation away from illness towards wellness. Our mission is to engage and empower individuals to protect their mental health as an integral element of their entire well-being.

With the help of new-age technology, HappiMynd is transforming healthcare from simply treating severe issues and conditions to recognizing the importance of behavioural, emotional, and mental health management—that is, assisting people in becoming empowered, informed, and actively involved in managing their mental wellness throughout their lives.
Founders of HappiMynd believes in Empowering to Self Manage and taking the first right step towards it.

Affordability, anonymity, and dependability are a few of the reasons why consumers avoid using online mental health services. Many people, according to surveys, have no idea where to begin.

HappiMynd provides a unique five-stage support approach for mental wellbeing, including awareness, prevention, early identification, self-management, and therapeutic treatment. Our six globally validated services, customised for 10 Social Profiles, help an individual through all these stages.

Our services are entirely online and digital, allowing us to provide assistance at any time and from any location. We have evidence-based tools that have been widely vetted and researched and are Reliable, Secure, Affordable and 100% confidential. Most of our services are also available in a vernacular version.

With this mission and vision kept in mind, HappiMynd celebrated its founder's day on 16th January. The evening was full of laughter and trip down memory lane with heart warming messages and experiences. Founders shared their valuable and inspirational words with team members. Followed by 100% participation in mind boggling games.

But that is not all that was done to celebrate Founder’s day! HappiMynd has launched a new package to thank those who have made it possible for their company to reach this milestone and help everyone in kick-starting their journey. HappiSTART, an emotional wellbeing package consisting of 5 of HappiMynd’s best services, are being offered as a combo at a throwaway price of just INR 699/- (https://happimynd.com/services)

Join HapiMynd in their celebration as you take your first right step towards emotional and mental wellbeing with the HappiSTART pack! Get an emotional and mental wellbeing assessment as well as an insightful discussion with an expert with some great self-management tips and tricks. You will also be getting a FREE invite to HappiMynd’s otherwise paid behavioural guidance webinars along with being privy to HM’s exclusive details of Insta Live sessions.

Begin your emotional and mental wellbeing journey today!