Although their “project” had no name at the time, it all started more than three decades ago. A small group (four sisters, one sister-in-love and four friends) decided to take a different path. Instead of just looking and complaining, the ladies began listening with their hearts.

Over the years, they’ve stepped in and helped widows and single mothers with utility and car payments, filled pantries, delivered their baked goods to the sick and purchased school clothes for children in need.

After re-grouping, they came up with the novel idea that allows them to cover more ground. Since everybody appreciates the warmth of a grandma, they surreptitiously give the next best thing: scratch-baked pound cake and fresh curd. And just like a grandma’s love, their wares are all natural and without artificial ingredients.

The Nanas prefer to do all their giving surreptitiously. Doing so, keeps the focus on the recipients. To learn more about the ladies and happiness-happens, visit them on the web @ www.happiness-happens.com.