Happiness 1st (Happiness 1st Institute) was created from a passionate desire to help others understand and enjoy the vast benefits available to everyone from the knowledge and skills its founder developed during over twenty years of research.

Science has proven that increased positive emotions and optimism provide many advantages to the individual who cultivates these emotions. For the first time, practical techniques that enable everyone to enjoy the benefits are taught at the rot cause level.

We don't just tell people to "think positive" we teach them how. Long-term problems with depression, anger, resentment, chronic health issues, headaches, and other problems improve when the techniques are implemented. Immune system function and cognitive abilities improve. Humans were designed to thrive when they practice these techniques.

Happiness 1st provides an understanding of the root cause of emotions that empowers its students with increased resilience in every situation. Because the techniques address the root cause rather than just symptoms, the benefits are systemic reaching every area of life.  

Providing online and live classes, Happiness 1st is bringing greater thriving to individuals and organizations around the world. The founder, Jeanine Joy, is also sharing the knowledge in her  books.

The improvements in health, relationships, achievement, mental and emotional well-being experienced from applying these techniques to one's life are unbelievable--until you try it for yourself. Experience is the only way to really grasp the degree of difference understanding how to thrive makes.

Our classes are the best available to increase happiness, optimism, emotional intelligence, resilience, self-mastery, well-being and improve relationships of all types. A masterful combination of information that helps students have a clearer perspective about topics such as their own beliefs and the impact of current emotional state on behavior is utilized. The course includes more than 50 processes, many evidence-based skills, to help students deliberately impact their emotional state and develop new habits of thought that are more beneficial to thriving. The end result is mindsets that increase thriving in all areas of life.

We continuously search for new information across many disciplines including positive psychology, neuroscience, resilience, sociology, emotional intelligence, quantum physics, psychoneuroimmunology, and behavioral science to ensure we are up-to-date on the most helpful research.

If any area of your life is less than you would like it to be, check out our programs and see how good life can become.