Happy Bungalow is a family business – Don, Liz, and the Kids.

Receiving compliments from friends and having too much fun avoiding cubicles while building toys for his kids, Don founded Happy Bungalow in 2011. An architect by trade, Don picked up carpentry by feel – applying years of design school lessons to technical know-how from numerous sources. Don does all the design, cutting, assembly, most of the finishing, and some of the testing.

Don's wife Liz is chief critic, feedback giver, and all around odd-jobs assistant. She is the litmus test for all new ideas. An outdoor mine themed play zone? Thumbs down. A gypsy wagon inspired indoor playhouse? Thumbs up!

Don and Liz's kids are certified product testers, evaluating every prototype coming out of the shop. If there's fun to be had, they'll find it.