Established in 2015 HappyTap is a social enterprise that singularly focuses on building a new normal in hand hygiene with the help of its new generation, modular and portable handwashing stations. HappyTap’s mission is to enable people to wash their hands where it is the most convenient: that is where they are. HappyTap’s portable handwashing stations can be employed in Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Anganwadi Centers, Hotels, Roadside Eateries, Factories, and Offices to help boost the existing handwashing infrastructure. HappyTap’s portable handwashing stations can be assembled by anyone, anywhere without the need for any specialized tools. HappyTap is currently available in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Madagascar, and Kenya. HappyTap has partnered with various organizations such as UNICEF, AMREF, BRAC, GIZ (to name a few) to make the new normal a reality for people all around the world and with UNICEF, Aga Khan Foundation, India Sanitation Coalition (ISC), PHIA, ASCI and Government of Telangana (to name a few) in India.