Harborlink is a managed service provider of high-speed wireless internet in both the U.S. and Canada.  Our focus is on providing a quality Wi-Fi experience that is fast, easy and free-to-access.  No Account setups.  No Credit Cards.  No Hassles.  

It is this simple approach that allows users the ability to stay in touch when away from the home or office.  They want to keep up to date on fantasy leagues at their favorite sports bars, catch up on emails when having a bite at their favorite restaurant, get easy guest access on college campuses or get a quick download while filling-up at a gas station.

HarborLink combines the latest technology with convenient locations throughout the United States.  Our approach enables users to receive the access they desire while offering a highly-targeted, location-specific outlet for advertisers and content providers.


•     Meets the needs of your customers who need internet access when away from their home or office.

•     Ensures a quality, easy and consistent user experience, whether they access from a mobile phone, laptop, gaming device, ereader or other Wi-Fi device.

•     Offers more incentive for existing customers to frequent your location(s) and to allure new customers

•     Extends your brand presence, products and services to customers who access the Wi-Fi in your locations

•     Monetizes the Wi-Fi amenity through advertising and content revenue.

•     Provides friendly 24-hour customer support for end users.

•    Safeguards your public Wi-Fi with enterprise-grade network monitoring and management.

•     Complies with CALEA/SAFE Act and other regulations allowing IT Managers the comfort to know that their network is covered.


HarborLink offers a fully-managed, public Wi-Fi hotspot solution for all type businesses, including

Retail Stores
Fuel & Convenience
Bars/ Night Clubs
Health Clubs
Bus & Train Stations
Sporting Arenas
Convention Centers
Schools & Colleges
Car Washes
Municipal coverage
… and many more

Combined with our many years of experience, our financial strength, strong industry partnerships and superior reputation, HarborLink offers the best public Wi-Fi service for your business, to enhance your brand, and provide greater value for your franchises and customers.  With thousands of locations already deployed across the U.S. and Canada, HarborLink is providing more places than ever for customers to get online when away from their home or office.

HarborLink’s managed Wi-Fi service allows your business to drive more customers into your venues, and serves as another touch point to extend your brand, your products and services to them over the Wi-Fi pages while at your location.  Such promotions may include new product announcments, in-store deals, loyalty programs, unique content and applications, other location based services and much more.  

In addition, we can support your private side applications securely over the same Wi-Fi infrastructure, including digital signage, kiosks, security cameras, voice and data applications, etc. (note: faster broadband transport may be required).

HaborLink’s customer service center is available 24x7 to support our business partners and customers.  That means we take the calls should a customer have trouble connecting, so you can go about your business.

Your customers aren’t just connecting with laptops these days.  Many of them have an iPhone™ or Blackberry™, or an e-Reader such as the Kindle™, or even a gaming device such as the Sony PSP™.  With the rapid growth of consumer electronics and mobility devices driving increased demand for Wi-Fi connectivity, your business needs a partner that has the experience connecting these devices in an easy, secure and seamless, manner.   We work with many of the top device manufacturers to ensure their devices connect on our network seamelessly every time…and the list keeps growing.