Excel with the crowd mentality, play it safe and easy – hardly not!  From a young boy to a grandfather, my God given entrepreneurial spirit was and is always at play.  In spite of calculated risks, true entrepreneurs are willing to “take the next hill” and persist to accomplish their goals.
My son, Shaw and I dare to be different, not follow the crowd, get out of our comfort zone and achieve our goals.  More to the point, we know how to teach you to achieve all your goals too if you have the heart – the “can do” attitude – the heart of a champion.
We will supply the proven system, the secrets of top earners, your training, help establish your goals with a road map to your achievement. You supply the desire, motivation and willingness to learn, be taught, and have follow through, and you will find the success you are searching for in more ways than money!
My entrepreneurial heart expressed itself in a number of ways: as a young boy, always had odd jobs and money in my pocket; bought beer wholesale, sold it retail from my college room; as a young Marine officer I lead by example, not orders, my troops excelled and received awards. In the mid 60s, I was part of the first national financial planning company and a pioneer in the industry where I created and developed my Elite Wealth Plan protocol which I implemented in the 70’s to mid 80’s by financing projects in excess of $300M followed by teaching and mentoring CPAs and attorneys in domestic and international tax and asset protection planning and coordinated their clients’ implementation of those techniques worldwide until my “forced” retirement for medical reasons, including cancer, in 2005.
As my health improved, so did my entrepreneurial juices while at the same time my son, Shaw, after almost 20 years in the field of Informational Technology, got in touch with his entrepreneurial roots. He grew sick and tired of his JOB– just over broke - and the “do as I say not as I do” mentality of his bosses.
Shaw was fed up with working his tail off for people who didn’t appreciate his contributions and his constant coaching of others to excel.  We were ready for a new venture but wanted to eliminate or mitigate the fears, frustrations, challenges, and problems of our past; and most importantly eliminate the “Madoff” types, business partners and legal advisors' greed, corruption and betrayal that cost our family millions.  Sure, we've been knocked down before but even then the entrepreneur mindset kicks in to overcome adversity and succeed big again!
As a financial guy, I had been fascinated with the Home Based Industry for 30 years and remained current with my extensive research and due diligence and knew exactly what we needed to avoid, such as the outdated MLM business models, etc.. So we set out to find a company that could pass our "Elite Wealth Plan" protocol:
1.     A high tiered, stand alone, scarce product that everyone needs, everyone wants that is inflation and recession proof. A financial education product line that greatly increases the ability for anyone to accomplish their financial goals and dreams.
2.     A lucrative, easily duplicated, business model with multiple income sources capable of generating a 6 and 7 figure gross income with an ever increasing residual income.
3.     What with the power of the internet, a proven online marketing system that works 24/7 producing constant leads for our business whether we work or not. This is what makes 2 above possible.
It was a huge order but finally, after extensive searching, we found the ideal company; actually two companies, the combination of which satisfies the "Elite Wealth Plan" protocol exceedingly well with an excellent solid business plan, leadership with integrity, and the best compensation plan, bar none, in the industry. This allows us to help more people become financially secure and that is our mission!
People joining our successful "Elite Wealth Plan" team gain immeasurably from our life lessons of success and failure, our accomplishments and entrepreneur know-how. People who want to put their life in balance, enjoy it and succeed financially allow us to coach, mentor, inspire and teach them how to use our proven online "Elite Wealth Plan" marketing system to accomplish their goals & dreams! Our goal for each Elite Wealth Plan team member is to help them earn $250k their first year assuming their willingness to apply what they learn in a dedicated, committed, and consistent manner with persistence. Our success has always been in helping other entrepreneurs succeed.