Established in 2012, by Harriet Bishop, as a trading group, Collective Industries is the trading name for the following businesses:

Harriet Bishop Marketing & Design
NewWave Creative
Design Agency in a Box
Digital Design Agency

Based on the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire borders, Collective Industries mainly provides creative marketing, graphic and web design services to companies all over the world, large and small.

About Harriet

Creative Designer & Marketer, Business Owner, Author and Entrepreneur!

Harriet Bishop is the sole founder of Collective Industries.

Harriet first set out on her own in 2009 after her previous employers relocated as a freelancer originally as a tie over while looking for more permanent work. However, she soon realised she enjoyed the variety that freelancing bought and set up Harriet Bishop Marketing & Design in early 2010, a marketing consultancy aimed at small to medium businesses.

In 2011, Harriet wrote a book showcasing her knowledge called “The Essential Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing”. The book was aimed to those who were looking at or recently had started their own business, and took the "dummies guide" approach.

2012 bought a year of many projects such as NewWave Creative, Design Agency in a Box and the Digital Design Factory. With so many new projects/businesses with different titles Harriet decided it was time to focus on getting a more generic trading name which could act as an umbrella to these projects and so Collective Industries was born.

Although Harriet may still be young, her knowledge and skill set often exceeds those who are older. Harriet is very passionate and driven; failure is never an option, and is focusing on carving her way into the marketing and design world as an authority in her trade.