HCLLC is a marketing and interim CMO firm that uses flat fee billing. Our work is guaranteed.

Practicing out of San Diego and Nashville, our services support the offices of the CEO, CMO and top sales executive. We have executive and management consulting experience in many industries including consumer products, software, information technology, services and others.

We deliver:

   * rapid problem solving in customer strategy and marketing
   * interim, contract or part-time strategy and marketing experts
   * flat-fee projects and interim help so that you know your costs from the outset
   * assurance that your consulting partner shares the risk with you

Our clients are typically growth or mature companies and divisions with revenues between $25 million and $500 million.

Our geographic focus is Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Nashville, Memphis, Louisville, Knoxville, Huntsville and Birmingham.

We have executive and consulting experience in several B2B and B2C markets including IT, software, electronics, durables, services and others. For each client we bring multi-industry, multi-function expertise to the challenge.

When it comes to consulting, we believe clients need not bear the risk of unprofessional results. Our work is guaranteed and 2/3rds of our compensation is tied to achieving the objectives and timing we agreed upon.

Most of our independent consultants come from Fortune 500s, private companies, respected universities and major consulting firms to name a few. Our educations are from top schools and several of us have run companies or divisions of at least $100 million up to $500 million in annual revenues.

Our consultants are experienced business and non-profit board members. We also have investor relations, M&A and private equity experience so we understand how your plans and decisions are scrutinized by investors and shareholders.