Dr. Harry Croft is a KEYNOTE SPEAKER, AUTHOR, CONSULTANT AND MEDIA GUEST & CONTRIBUTOR specializing in the Diagnosis and Treatment of COMBAT RELATED PTSD. He presently acts as a Trainer and Consultant to businesses re: VETERANS, PTSD and EMPLOYMENT RELATED ISSUES, including having delivered NATIONAL LECTURES & WEBINARS for HR PROFESSIONALS, EAPs AND BUSNIESS LEADERS, and Veteran’s Groups.

Dr. Croft has been a psychiatrist for 35+ years of clinical practice. He is TRIPLE BOARD CERTIFIED in Adult Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine (treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders) and Sexual Therapy. He is honored by the American Psychiatric Association with it’s highest designation,that of: DISTINGUISHED LIFE FELLOW of the APA.

He was a former ARMY PSYCHIATRIST (during the Vietnam Era) receiving the US Army Meritorious Medal in 1976. He has, since 2001 evaluated MORE THAN 7000 Veterans with PTSD. He is the coauthor of the book. "I ALWAYS SIT WITH MY BACK TO THE WALL" — Recognizing and treating Combat Related PTSD. A recognized national expert in PTSD, he is frequently called upon by NATIONAL MEDIA to respond to issues on the topic, including with interviews and articles appearing in/on: CNN INTERNATIONAL, FOX NEWS CHANNEL, MSNBC, BLOOMBERG, HLN (DR. DREW), NBC, ABC, FORBES, USA TODAY, TIME, ATLANTIC, INC., CHICAGO TRIBUNE, and others

He teaches Physicians and other Mental Health Professionals about recognition and treatment of COMBAT PTSD in civilian practice. Recent lectures include those for TEXAS ACADEMY OF FAMILY PRACTICE (1000) , and PRIMARY CARE NETWORK in: ORLANDO, SANTA CLARA, CHICAGO, BALTIMORE, ATLANTA, DETROIT (500 EACH)

As medical director of The San Antonio Psychiatric Research Center he has served as the Principal Investigator in over 60 clinical trials of new antidepressant/anti anxiety medications over the past 25 years.