Company Overview

Hart City Executives, Inc specializes in customer retention and acquisition, leadership and strategic consultation, and the coaching and development of employees into industry professionals. Our client acquisition team focuses on providing the most comprehensive client relationship management. Our personal, live presentations offer a unique way to establish and build rapport with customers while developing lifelong relationships. This strategy has allowed for tremendous growth for both our company and our clients.

Our clients have made it a priority to find ways to separate themselves from their competitors. That is why they have come to us. Our team of experts works with our clients diligently to design a unique and specific marketing campaign. As our client handles the internal process we handle the personal side of the campaign. What separates our marketing strategies from all others is our face to face approach. This process allows us to build personal relationships with our client’s customers that they so desperately need and want. Our dedication to our client’s brand, and their customer’s needs, is what separates us from all other marketing firms.

The reason we implement live, personal presentations is so we can educate, answer questions and personally thank them for their business. The personal approach has allowed us to generate more market share for our clients than any other form of marketing strategies they may have used in the past. Our clients have found that this approach is the most cost effective way to acquire and retain their customers.

Career Opportunities

Hart City Executives, Inc. is excited to partner with both Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. Our commitment to providing the best possible relationships between our clients and their established and prospective customers is what continues to drive our company’s growth and success. Our expertise and proven results allow us to be one of the most sought after marketing firms in the northern hemisphere.

Hart City Executives, Inc. develops our employees from the ground up. Beginning as an Account Specialist, they work directly with our clients and their marketing teams to develop the necessary skills needed to grow and advance professionally. It is this principle of internal development that makes us the very best at what we do.

Due to the exceptional growth of our organization, we have been able to create new positions from our Entry Level Account Specialists, all the way through to our Senior Executive positions.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to become a global leader in the outsourced consulting industry. Our commitment to our clientele is to provide them with professional representation, expand and maintain market share, as well as protecting their brand. Our commitment to our employees is to provide them an environment that they can grow both personally and professionally, by providing thorough training, a sense of autonomy, a people based team environment, and maintain a work environment that rewards performance.