This is a project for providing business leaders and students with one concept (summarised below) to analyse, manage and innovate anything. It will offer the future leaders following four benefits and features:

1. Boost critical thinking skills, lateral thinking skills for turning misfortune into gain, psychological skills and leadership skills for winning competition using one simple concept.

2. Discuss 100’s of business issues with leading figures, and present critical appraisals and creative insights about these issues using one simple concept.

3. Develop intelligent software and business solutions for assisting problem solving, idea generation, psychological skills, and guiding leaders using one simple concept.
4. Exploit all possible benefits of multimedia for learning.

Accordingly, this project will heal four hurts as follows:

1. First, modern competitive world demands critical thinking and leadership skills. The main pain point is the difficulty of developing critical thinking and leadership skills. This project will ease it by teaching one concept which simplifies analysis of any situation and process of innovation.
2. Second, a lack expert critical appraisal for guidance is one major pain for everyone. By offering critical appraisal for 100’s of business issues from leading figures this project will heal this pain.
3. Third, videos are efficient mean of learning. A lack of video learning material is an opportunity loss of time and effort and is a pain point[3]. This project will use multimedia and heal this pain.
4. Fourth, a lack of apps is a pain point because it is an opportunity loss in terms of time and effort needed to analyse[4]. This project will provide apps, some of which will be also be free.

Why am I doing this? My ambition is to have an opportunity of transforming my concept (summarised below) into a powerful expert consultative service and tool-set for producing winning future leaders.

What is the concept?

Among any set of things whatever is between others or is repeating always plays the chief role.

Consider an interpretation of ‘between’. The chain of bicycle that is ‘between’ the paddle and back wheel transfers the energy from the paddle to the wheel. Note that without this chain the cycle will not move and the nature of chain, tight versus loose and strong versus weak, determines if the cycle can run fast over a long course or not.

Things that are between others can create systems and determine the behavior of a system. Therefore, for critical appraisal of any situation, which is needed for leadership, we must identify, analyze and manage those things which are ‘between’ others.

Moreover, they allow for generating new possibilities. In brainstorming, we can introduce something between others or use existing things between others to create a new situation, product, service or idea.