There is finally a hanger that gets rid of the hassle of hangers that stretch out your clothes and get tangled with other hangers and clothes in your closet.

The Hassle Free Hanger’s unique design can be folded to easily fit into a shirt collar, eliminating the struggle of stretching out your clothes to get them on the hanger.

The Hassle Free Hanger’s solid design and flat hook won’t tangle with other hangers or clothes in your closet, yet glides easily on your closet rod.

The Hassle Free Hanger’s soft, rounded edges are perfect for delicate clothes and won’t poke holes in sweaters and lace tops.

The Hassle Free Hanger’s velvety smooth silicone surface grips your clothes, preventing them from falling off the hanger. Notches in the hanger keep strappy tank tops and dresses in place.

The Hassle Free Hanger’s slim, compact profile helps to conserve precious space in your closet.

The Hassle Free Hanger is available at thehasslefreehanger.com