OCALA, FLA--- Imagine the experience of staying in one of the most beautiful haunted Inn in the State of Florida. Picture the thrill of lurking through its spaces that contain details from ancient International ports. Envision owning and operating one of the most celebrated (and haunted) bed and breakfast in America. Don’t hesitate on this reality … this property has just been introduced into the market and it could be yours!
Traveling to haunted places is surging. Finding haunted houses and hunting through mysterious places is on the rise. The current owners of the Seven Sisters Historical Inn realize this, but now they want to pass along this business to someone that can take care of their sweet seven resident ghosts, and their house as well!  Bob and Maria Schmidt owners of the Bed and Breakfast business, are offering a turn-key package, with beautiful period furnishings, imported china, kitchen supplies, luxury linens and towels, and of course the complete package on running a five-star TripAdvisor property. While many Northerners are heading to the warm breezes of Florida, the Schmidts are heading back home to Ohio for personal family reasons. Don’t worry, they are not taking with them the mysteries of what has been investigated and validated as an amazing metaphysical space by many famous paranormal celebrities. SyFy’s Chip Coffey has had the thrill of investigating the inn, as well as Haunted Collector’s John Zaffis and his co-host Brian Cano.  Scott Tepperman from Ghost Hunters International has also explored the inn, amazed at the activity witnessed.   In addition, the popular Travel Channel show, “The Dead Files” co-star Steve DiShiavi has had the pleasure of being introduced to many of spirits that call the inn their own.
Located in Ocala Florida, and known as the Victorian Empress, the historical Seven Sisters Inn was also featured in the popular SyFy’s show “Ghost Hunters” in 2008, where amazing evidence was documented. According to the Schmidt’s, the “Missing Flip Flop incident that Jason Hawes experienced during the episode, has repeated itself to many of our guests.”  The Schmidts attribute these “pranks” are carried out by the inn’s children ghosts, taking pleasure of interacting with the guests … as long as they are acknowledged! They especially love to play with school teachers, where unbelievable stories have been documented.
“I’m not sure if it’s due to the spirits trusting us or their very social nature, but no less than 80% of our EVP’s present “Class A” intelligent evidence”, says Maria Schmidt. She adds, “It took us a bit to realize what makes them speak, but now it’s almost always a reliable event!” This only adds to the wonder for the inn’s guests and (literally) speaks of the relationship the innkeepers have gained with the spirits at the inn.
Apparitions, disembodied voices and prankster/playful activity are experienced by those that seek and request a “sign of their presence”. In fact, the spirits have served as “protectors” of the property, conveniently offering intelligent knockings when there was a need for a distraction.  Data files of evidence are abundant, from spiritual forms being captured in photographs and undeniable EVPs.  “Certainly, guests that wish to experience a haunting do leave with an amazing souvenir and memory of their stay at the Seven Sisters Historical Inn.”
As a business, the high-end boutique inn is only 70 miles north of Orlando and is the highest rated lodging in the Spring-Fed city of Ocala Florida. Located in the midst of its historical district, the Inn’s a short walking stroll to its vibrant downtown. In addition to five beautifully appointed international suites, this bed and breakfast has also cornered the market in some of the best Murder Mystery Dinner events in Florida, attracting many guests from all over the State. And of course, there are the spirited-events that have drawn hundreds from all over the country. All this “industry knowledge” on how to keep up with the fun at the inn are included in the sale, of course.
It is time for the Schmidts to pass along the mysteries of this 125 year old Victorian Gothic Purple Lady. Will you be the one to receive her? The business is being sold separately from the real estate, but both parties are motivated to make sure it goes to the perfect persons that will preserve this historical treasure. The combined asking price, $575K is a real estate deal
considering its appointed beauty and turn-key business opportunity. Be aware, though, the ghosts are not charging, nor are they wanting to pay to remain in the structure!  
About Seven Sisters Inn
The Seven Sisters Inn is a bed and breakfast located in Ocala, Florida’s historical district. The Circa 1890 Gothic Victorian combines artifacts from international ports with era appointed antiques.