Haven Horse Ranch is a 20-horse, 501c3 nonprofit, working horse ranch in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. We use horses to teach children basic life's principles and Christian values. We believe that better kids make for a better community. We provide riding lessons, trail rides, horse camps, clinics, retreats, event hosting and more. We have programs for learning disabled and autistic children as well. Monies generated through our fee based programs go towards our youth scholarship funds.

Our mission statement: “Haven Horse Ranch believes that today’s youth lack opportunities to develop character and learn the consequences of responsible behavior. Haven Horse Ranch exists to present and model Christian principles to our youth, teaching the values of relationships, teamwork and individual character by building confidence and leadership."

We have found that when you teach a child that:
•     they can be in control of and responsible for an 1100-pound animal
•     riding is a team sport and they along with the horse make up that team
•     the same animal will trust them and look to them as the leader.
Watch what happens to their:
•     Confidence
•     Self-respect
•     Self-esteem
•     Sense of accomplishment
•     Sense of responsibility
•     Level of Faith!

The results have been dramatic:
•     Documented improvements in Grade Point Averages of up to 2 full points.
•     Improved school attendance records, most down to 0 absences!
•     Tardiness reduced by up to 90%.
•     Civic participation and responsibility consistently increased.
•     Character developed, demonstrated and reported by teachers and parents.

Here at Haven Horse Ranch, it’s all about the kids!