HirePatriots is a free outreach to our worthy and honorable US Military, Veterans and their families. The HirePatriots program helps them earn money when they are in and out of the Service with our Local One Day job boards and our National Full Time job board. We also hold job fairs, military marriage retreats and various wounded warrior programs. – Our goal is to support our military and their families; and to help them to return to civilian life as productive and healthy citizens.
Our One Day job board is for residents to post jobs whenever they want some extra help around their homes and yards. They post their jobs on that region’s Local Job Board for free and soon afterward local Military or veterans will contact them. They come to your house; greet you with respect and courtesy. “Yes, sir” or “Yes, ma’am,” and work hard. You pay them directly.

These One Day jobs are very helpful. They take a lot of financial stress off the shoulders of our stalwart warriors, who endure enough stress already. These jobs are sometimes answered by wounded warriors who have had artificial limbs recently attached. It is therapeutic for them to begin working and earning money again. And sometimes, combat warriors who are worn out and fatigued of war will reply. Your warm and appreciative greetings mean the world to them. The work they do, the money they earn and your sincere concern for their welfare go a long way towards healing them emotionally and psychologically.

Many of these One day jobs are posted by veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the conflicts between then and now. These vets love having our young warriors over to their homes. The fellowship they share is meaningful and enjoyable for both.

And sometimes the jobs are posted by widows of veterans. They also are delighted in the experience. It reminds them of when they and their spouse were younger. It also is meaningful for them to assist this generation of US Military men and women.

And then many jobs are just posted by regular, patriotic Americans who never served in the military. It gives these patriots an opportunity to meet our US Military members first hand and face to face.

In addition to the One-day job board, employers and companies can also post their employment opportunities to our board for free, providing our warriors and their famlies with even more chances at financial stability.

The benefits to those hiring a Veteran are huge because they get someone who is ready to work, can handle deadlines under pressure, has a proven work ethic, is accustomed to leading and following, and usually has years of experience behind them.

Please visit our site today and post your open opportunities. Thank a Vet in a practical way and get the job done!