Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. (http://www.haywirecustomguitars.com) offers "Pro" high-end guitars. If you were a Professional Guitarist looking for a great playing, feeling and sounding guitar, you'd need to understand why to choose Haywire over some of the larger competitors. Our guitars are gig ready.

At  Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. (http://www.haywirecustomguitars.com) we combine the best technology from the past mixed down and tempered with quality parts, knowledge, experience, skill and innovative building techniques of the present.  We then condense and distill it into a pure guitar. We believe that there is always room at the top for a great playing, great feeling, high quality, reasonably priced guitar for all professional guitarists around the world.

The real value that Haywire Custom Guitars offers you is its small-scale. With greatly individualized attention to pots, hardware, functionality, ease of use, longevity, tone and playability, pros can own a guitar packed with lots of attention and details of what they really need and want, rather than, say, settling for trying to play an unready guitar "off the rack" in a music store.

A real "Pro" guitar should be way above average in its ability to play smoothly and trouble-free. The tone and feel should inspire so your music will flow freely and help your technique. We are experts and back up our custom guitar work for our clients with a one year  warranty.

Professionals world-wide rely on an instrument that they receive from the Haywire Custom Shop. It will be exactly to their specifications, play with ease, sound great, be superior in quality and our design features will compliment their sense of style. Our guitars contain upgraded quality components that you need at a reasonable price. We promise that your guitar will sound great and feel just right  !

At Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. we use our unique designs, parts and custom applications to give you what you need. You'll have the built-in assurance of a ONE YEAR warranty from Haywire Custom shop on our finished work. With many years of development and guitar set-up experience we pride ourselves in helping you build your "Just Right" guitar at prices well below market.  At  the Haywire Custom Shop it's not a matter of making the right guitar decision-but making the right guitar and making it right for you.

At Haywire Custom Guitars when we set up a guitar with our 8-point gig-ready guitar process you can literally take it out of the case, tune it up, and walk on stage with a guitar that plays like you've spent months to get it just right!  That's why we call Haywire Custom Guitars, home of the “Gig-Ready” guitar!

Haywire Custom Guitars offers expert advice on your guitar purchases, intonation, guitar repairs, pick-up modifications, necks, frets, set ups and wiring options. We can help guide you through the building process of your new guitar and more.  We use premium quality guitar parts from respected manufacturers including WD, Allparts, EMG, Fender, Haywire, Gibson, and Warmoth guitar products and many more.  We listen. We hear you.

We're building satisfied players..... One Haywire Guitar at a time!!