"Hazorfim" is comprised of  a group of artists specializing in craftsmanship of the precious silver metal for many years. Silversmith artists, sculptures and chasers, each the best in his field, create together the perfect flawless piece, made with great love, inspiring professionalism and with the utmost attention to the finest details.
The company is internationally renowned for designing and creating unique sterling silver pieces and is a leader within worldwide Jewish Art   and one of Israel’s most prestigious brands.
The "Hazorfim" home includes a chain of ten stores, a silversmith workshop and a design and development house, with about 300 new pure silver pieces designed and created under the brand name annually.
The company’s ongoing clients include some of the more affluent Israelis and
International persona and it is especially popular amongst tourists.
"Hazorfim" silver creations represent Israel to world leaders and may be found in the homes of US presidents George Bush and Ronald Reagan, King Hussein of Jordan, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and many others.

Each of our silver pieces begins with a dream, which is passed on from artist to craftsman from aspiration to action. Our silver creations carry within them
a unique soul, spirit of creation, years of tradition and uncompromising
professionalism .
Our silver creations contain a sense of eternal quality. They serve as an integral part of the ceremonies, which define our lives, and of the people who have touched them along the way.