Headoc is a new device to relieve headaches, stress and anxiety. The Headoc has been developed by a company called Kencap Medical Solutions. The device is called HEADOC and it uses three unique technologies to combat modern lifestyle's common problems. It combines red light therapy, vibration therapy and negative ion therapy in order to treat pain.

How do these technologies deal with anxiety and headaches?
Vibration Therapy - Most widely recognized type of therapy used in massaging. This form of treatment has long been characterized as an alternative form of therapy used to lower the levels of stress hormones and has been linked to decreased levels of anxiety, depression, and pain.

Red Light Photo-Therapy - Red light Photo-Therapy is an infrared light used to improve wound healing and was actually used by NASA to treat wounds as well as muscles and tissue degeneration in space! Infrared light photo-therapy has been linked to collagen production, improved energy, and improved DNA activity in fibroblasts and muscle cells.

Negative Ion Therapy - This form of therapy has been shown to be beneficial for your overall mental and physical health. It has been linked to improved memory, reduced reaction time, improved mood, decreased irritability and increased mental awareness.

The combination of vibration therapy, red light therapy, and negative ion therapy can make HEADOC an excellent device used for alternative treatment for headaches, stress and anxiety. You will feel better and experience less head pains and stress after using HEADOC.

Headoc Launched on Indiegogo on February 3rd, Aiming to raise $10,000 to get the product to production stage. Check the campaign here: http://igg.me/at/Headoc