I, myself am a 20 year Veteran of the US Army, I suffer from PTSD. I have always had issues with fireworks. I have wished I had notice so I could leave the area, turn up my music, or throw on some headphones before they start blasting away.

I got the idea for this app when the ballpark a few blocks from me started roaring away without notice, even in the media huge fireworks after a ball game. Of course I shot straight up, felt the adrenaline, and scanned for the threats. Not fun for me or my family.  I envisioned an app that will warn users when they are in the area of fireworks (due to holidays, sports games etc..). Giving them enough time to prepare and not be taken by surprise.

The app will use location service for nationwide coverage, and a live database of parks, arenas, and holidays. It will be updated by users, promotion firms, and via web crawl. Launching notifications up to 4 hours in advance of anything happening in the users area, even when they are out of town. The app will also have direct contact ability to the Veterans crisis hotline, via call or chat.

This app will give the hundreds of thousand PTSD suffers a peace of mind knowing they are not only not alone, but someone is giving them a HeadsUp.