At the heart of the head gasket repair kit is a powerful engine sealer, which does the job of saving the engines of the stranded motorists - many of whom will end up with the major damage to their engine, such as a blown head gasket or a related engine problem.

The Heal-A-Seal product - which can be used either by a professional, or a Do-It-Yourself user - provides a permanent fix not only for the blown head gaskets but also for warped or cracked cylinder heads, even the cracked engine blocks, as well as any other cooling system leak.

The actual sealing process begins when the sealer penetrates into the
breach anywhere in the engine cooling system, and then as it passes
through that breach it creates a very strong bond to the metal surfaces
around it. Thereafter, its proprietary 'aggressive molecular structure'
formula, which is unlike any other product on the market, takes over and makes the seal expand at both ends, so as to produce a head on each side of it - and thus create the 'analogy of a rivet'. All to assure the extended engine life, for years to come.

With prices ranging from only $79.95 (for 4 cylinder engines) and up to
$119.95 (for Diesel engines) it is truly a low cost solution which
eliminates the major engine repairs, especially for those who can not
afford the high cost of it.

It is available from: http://www.heal-a-seal.com/blown-head-gasket-repair-kit.html or via email: Sales@Heal-A-Seal.com or from the 24/7
Customer Service Hotline: 888/256-0403.