As a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator with certifications in lifestyle counseling and weight management from the American Dietetic Association, I can help you:

1. Reach your health and weight goals
2. Educate the community on wellness
3. Communicate your business or health messages in the media

I specialize in using a low carbohydrate diet and complementary medicine to provide well rounded guidance on your journey to a healthy weight and optimal wellness. I have co-authored, The Stubborn Fat Fix to broaden the reach of thos I can help.  

If you are in need of guidance on how to use a low carbohydrate diet safely, to help control, lower or avoid diabetes or many medications for various illnesses, if you have been using a low carbohydrate diet and not are not getting the results you expected, it may be time to reach out and ask for help by someone who can and will help you.