To provide superior health care services to children and adults within the comfort of their homes while promoting the principles of independent living and assisting individuals remain in a home environment as long as possible.
Our Staff
I.     Our team is carefully selected, screened and has the training and qualifications to anchor superior health care services while providing capable and compassionate care for each and every one of our clients.
II.     Our staff consists of:
a.     Registered Nurses (RNâ��s)
b.     Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNâ��s)
c.     Certified Nursing Assistants (CANâ��s)
d.     Certified Medication Assistants (CMAâ��s)
e.     Geriatric Nursing Assistants (GNAâ��s)
f.     Certified Home Health Aides (HHAâ��s)
g.     Reliable and Dependable Companions
III.     Our staff is reliable, dependable and understanding of our client needs. We treat each and every one of our clients with the outmost respect and dignity that they deserve, as though we were caring for a member of our own family.
IV.     Our staff takes joy in their ability to make a difference in their clientsâ�� lives and to help them live happy independent lives in the comfort of their own homes.
Our Services
I.     Home Health Services:
a.     We offer in-home services to all age groups; specific areas of service include:
i.     Implementation of clinical skilled nursing care plan
ii.     Attention to disabilities, chronic illness
iii.     Assistance with mobility and transfers
iv.     Personal care
** Clients are additionally provided with services such as companionship, light housekeeping, dressing and grooming guidance, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and incidental transportation services. Services may vary by location based on client needs and local practices. **
II.     Respite Care Services
a.     We offer respite care to children, seniors and persons with
disabilities. We are capable of providing care in a variety of settings including:
i.     Group homes
ii.     Nursing homes
iii.     Hospitals
iv.     Personal residences.