HealthPlanList.com launched as an online resource where seniors can stay up-to-date on changes in Medicare.

Official Press Release
Rob Johnson., and Harrison Bradford, two West Hartford, CT-based businessmen, have launched

HealthPlanList.com as an online resource where seniors can stay up-to-date on changes in Medicare.

The website will feature in-depth links about Medicare reform, links are kept up to date by Rob, who as the

Webmaster, keeps the links fresh. Seniors who wish to voice their concerns, can email Rob or Harrison anytime

and submit information and links which are then published on the site.

The number of baby boomers and seniors online grew by 18.4 percent last year, making them the fastest growing

Internet population.  Both Rob and Harrison agree that the Internet is the best vehicle to educate, and

eventually empower seniors and encourage wider use of Medicare resources. "If you are a Medicare candidate,"

says Harrison, "the best thing you can do with your computer time is to be "plugged-into" all the best

Medicare websites."

The latest Medicare websites, many being Federal, State or Educational or International can keep the senior

community up to date with Medicare's community.

Ultimately, Rob and Harrison want HealthPlanList.com to inform seniors about Medicare's many resources

available to them. "I don't want people to think that we're just telling them that new Medicare has limited

resources" says Rob. As there are many new hard-to-find Medicare websites out there, which we bring together

for our visitors.  HealthPlanList.com does not require registration, and is free!  To use for free, log onto:
http://www.HealthPlanList.com and view the daily list of new Medicare links.