About Health Seekers LLC

From the desk of Mike Farris

My interest in maintaining good health started in the mid 1970′s when I learned about God’s Health Plan. Then during the 1980′s and ’90′s, I tried every new “miracle” nutritional product that came out. Some were OK, but most were pure hype. And, I always spent more money promoting these products than I ever earned.

So, I took a break for a few years, refused to even look at another MLM, network marketing company. I was satisfied  just being a customer. I was burned out. Looking back , I realize now  that God was preparing me for something  bigger and better.  At age 70 when most people are retired, I’m full of hope and optimism as I launch  Health Seekers.

In 2007, I was introduced to the book, The Science of Getting Rich, written in 1910 by Wallace C. Wattles. This little 80 page book changed my thinking and I decided to apply the Law of Prosperity just to see if  it  really works. Within a few weeks I begin to see results.

That’s when Health Seekers LLC was formed in my mind. Although Health Seekers was founded in August 2008, those of you who know me well also know that my wife, Sallie, was diagnosed with lung cancer in September 2008. Due to her ill health and subsequent death in April 2009, the Grand Opening of Health Seekers LLC was postponed.

As of September 28, 2009, I’m happy to announce that Health Seekers LLC is officially open for business. Sorry, I don’t have any free stuff to give away. However, I can give you some free advice based on personal experience. Take charge of your health!  Learn how you can protect your health and increase your wealth.

The reason Sallie and I started Health Seekers is to fund an inheritance for our grandchildren as Proverbs 13:22 states. All sales proceeds are deposited in a special account, and each of our six grandchildren will receive an annual cash gift from age 20 to age 29. We feel that by age 30 they should be well established in their career.

In honor of the loving memory of my dear wife, Sallie, I dedicate the Grand Opening of Health Seekers LLC.

May you prosper and be in health,

Mike Farris – President/CEO

Health Seekers LLC  is a proud member of the Heard County Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

P.S. To the doubters who ask, “If these ‘health’ products are so great, why didn’t they help your wife?”

Answer:  Sallie smoked for 50 years. Cancer cures smoking. You can’t beat the grim reaper. Natural wellness products only work for people who change their diet and lifestyle. You’ll still die, but you will add years to your life, and life to your years.