Healthji is an organization which focuses on helping corporations deliver High Performance Business results– WITHOUT EMPLOYEE BURN OUT.

The increasingly complex and global marketplace has resulted in longer work hours, higher performance expectations, and multi-dimensional cultural and social issues in most work environments.

Various scientific studies conducted in corporations indicate that all of the above has resulted in deep rooted stress, frustration and serious health issues among the work force. The “always on” culture is impacting personal health as well as the health and wellbeing of families.

The Founders of Healthji came together to deliver holistic and comprehensive Wellness solutions to major Corporations. Our Management Team has worked in such environments themselves and truly understand and appreciate the challenges in balancing Corporate Performance along with Corporate and Employee Wellness/Engagement.

Healthji brings together their vast and deep experience in the corporate world and combines it with over 30 years of proven products and services from Healthji Solutions delivering compelling Corporate Wellness solutions to our clients.

While we offer comprehensive assessments, frameworks and incorporate a multitude of tools, the heart of our success is a focus on creating a High Performance Corporate Culture and how that interplays around the goals and pursuits of each individual. We are passionate about the value of our mission, and that passion is contagious as it impacts all our stakeholders – our clients, our investors and our employees.

Healthji views Corporate Wellness as more than a one off intervention. We build and deliver sustained Wellness programs to our clients which focus on improving the overall health and wellness of each employee leveraging our various online and interactive tools along with consumer directed interventions for coaching and behavior modification.

Our programs have a demonstrable ROI and we track our results through real-time dashboard based on customer defined metrics.