Heartful Giving is Raising Funds to Preserve Folk Art

The Heartful Giving Project recently launched their campaign on the locally founded crowdfunding site Crowdismo in order to raise funds and awareness about international folk art. Their campaign runs until August 1st and you can donate to their cause by visiting www.crowdismo.com.

The Heartful Giving Project preserves international folk art by building a Community Arts Center where local artisans can practice and teach their skills. The impact of this project is multifaceted:
Preserves international culture and traditions
Provides positive activities for the youth
Promotes increased income for the artisans

Their first project takes place in Sua, Ecuador where a group of artisans formed the association “Manglares de Sua.” Their current structure is in dire need of repair! Project direct Julia Chiriboga wishes to help this group fulfill their dream of building a functioning art center where they can practice, teach and sell their traditional handicrafts.

to learn more about this project, please contact

Julia Chiriboga, Project Founder
The Heartful Giving Project