Heavy Water Vodka: Independence, Freedom, Change:
Heavy Water Vodka is a boutique international spirit in a unique position as one of the few independent brands focused on the global premium vodka market.  It is owned by Heavy Water International AS (“Heavy Water”), a Norwegian stock-based company founded in 2002 and headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

The name “Heavy Water” celebrates the shared Norwegian and Swedish origin of the brand.  It is important to Norwegians as it relates to the idea of independence.  During World War II a group of independent freedom fighters, without weapons, blew up the Axis’ heavy water plant in Norway and skied to freedom in neighboring Sweden.  It is a famous story that signifies the importance of independence, freedom, and change – all core messages that are the foundation of the Heavy Water brand mission.

Heavy Water Vodka is distilled from Scandinavian winter wheat and water from a Swedish lake that dates back thousands of years.  Heavy Water owns the formula for mixing the Heavy Water Vodka, its most valuable intellectual property and a closely held secret.  

Heavy Water Vodka is frequently the subject of praise in the media and has received numerous accolades.  F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal deemed Heavy Water Vodka “Flawless Purity.” Heavy Water’s international accolades include Gold Medals in the 2002, 2006, and 2007 Beverage Testing Institute’s International Spirits Review Competition and a “Best Spirit” designation at that competition in 2002.  The New York Post deemed Heavy Water “Editor’s Choice” in a feature article on the vodka segment.