Since 1985, the Helen Doron Educational Group has stood at the forefront of innovative educational systems, providing exclusive learning programmes and unique educational materials for babies, children and adolescents the world over. Today, over 3 million children speak English, thanks to Helen Doron.

Helen Doron English
The best courseware created by English as Second Language (ESL) experts and taught by specially trained and dedicated teachers is why both parents and kids love Helen Doron English. We are the only company that develops unique programmes for each stage of a child’s language acquisition—from 3 months to 18 years.

Helen Doron Enrichment Kindergartens
enable young children to acquire knowledge through positive reinforcement, direct teaching, play, music and experimentation—all in a bilingual environment. The Helen Doron Enrichment Kindergarten curriculum is based on research from around the world and developed by our pedagogic teams, and leading experts in early childhood education.

is an after school enrichment programme. Curriculum is designed to strengthen academic skills and boost self-confidence by helping students achieve success in maths. MathRiders is taught in small groups of 5-8 students which encourage them to discover mathematical insights, organize their thought processes, and develop self-evaluation capabilities and social skills.

Franchise Opportunities
The Helen Doron business model invites entrepreneurs to join a successful enterprise that enables franchisees to realize a rewarding career, while benefiting children in their communities.

For more information, visit us online: www.helendoron.com.