The App
-Practice beginning and maintaining conversations, and address social anxiety
-Improved Conversational Skills: Begin and continue a conversation with a variety of different conversational techniques, explained in videos and contextual examples. Some examples include visual cues, storytelling, abstract association, variation and branching.
-Real Time Conversational Practice: Practice the techniques you’ve learned immediately, with multiple live conversational AI agents with unique personalities, faces, and contexts.
-Have conversations with a variety of different personalized AI chat bots, based on your interests, to practice newly acquired techniques. Or apply all the techniques you’ve learned in a full conversation when you’re ready.
Deeper Connections: Go beyond small talk to learn how to establish authentic, meaningful relationships with people.
Less Social Anxiety: Work with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to beat back anxiety.
The Course
--How to get people to listen to you

-How to use conversation for making friends

-How to know what to say, and avoid awkward silences

-How to overcome anxiety and improve self esteem for better conversations

-How to have a one-one conversation vs. a group conversation

-How to start a conversation, and approach strangers

-How to use conversation to get the promotion/improve your standing at work

-How to improve conversation skills to find a romantic partner

-What you can do daily to improve your conversation skills