Keep Youth Moving, Learning and Exploring this summer!
Help S.A.V.E. Columbia is offering a summer camp program to give kids and teens an adventurous, active and healthy summer. Our camp programs offer youth fun and unique experiences with an opportunity to explore, meet new friends, discover new interests and create memories that last a lifetime. Nearly 50 percent of U.S. parents say technological distractions, such as television, cell phones or video games make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle for their children. With more free time during the summer, ensuring that kids practice healthy habits could be a greater challenge. Our summer Camp encourages parents to help their kids unplug from technology and explore all that Help S.A.V.E. Columbia has to offer. “`. Children are mentored through the melee of what we working parents do every day. Program participants receive funny money as they make a living. They learn how to live on a budget and pay bills and make decisions just like their parents, but in our simulated version of the real world. Children may also be taught stock investing and positive solutions in dealing with bullies.

This summer, we will have the pleasure of hosting 50 children ages 7-15 for our 2-week Stand-up Against Violence Everyone (S.A.V.E.) Columbia’s Children’s summer camp program.   During this summer experience, each child will have an opportunity to realize their dream and engage in educational curriculum (English/Math), Self Defense, How to deal with Bullies, Dance, Fitness and an opportunity to build lasting friendships; all while having fun.  Our goal is to deliver a high quality program at a cost that keeps each family’s financial burdens at a minimum.

There are five reasons why children and teens should attend our summer camp:

1. ADVENTURE: Summer camp is all about a wide variety of fun adventures and new experiences, and especially exploring the outdoors. HELP S.A.V.E. COLUMBIA camps have a new adventure for every child and teen. Visit our website Help S.A.V.E. Columbia.org for details.

2. HEALTHY FUN: Our day camp offers fun, stimulating activities that engage the body and mind, and also help children and teens learn the importance of nutrition to help improve their eating habits.

3. PERSONAL GROWTH: While being away from the routine back home, youth have a chance to learn new skills, and develop confidence and independence by taking on new responsibilities and challenges.

4. NEW FRIENDSHIPS: Amidst the fun of camp games, songs, swimming, canoeing and talent shows, campers meet new friends and strengthen existing friendships.      

5. MEMORIES: Summer camp is an unforgettable experience that will give each camper memories (and campfire stories) that will last a lifetime. Youth return to school with plenty of camp stories to share! HELP S.A.V.E. COLUMBIA offers both day and resident camp experiences and to ensure that all youth have the chance to experience camp,

A nonprofit committed to nurturing the potential of youth, HELP S.A.V.E. COLUMBIA continues to give youth an enriching, safe experience with caring staff and volunteers who model positive values that help build children’s’ character. For more information, visit www. Help S.A.V.E. Columbia.org or call (803)665-8453.