Get Help! Use Helpademic.org as a central location to advertise various needs within your organization, foundation, business, school, church, club, or even as an individual. Your needs will be displayed on a global map, as well as in a table that users can easily search or sort, to view where and what Help is needed. Advertising for and receiving Help has never been easier!

Give Help! Use Helpademic.org to search for ways that you can make a difference in your community by providing Help, whether through donating time, money, food, clothing, manual labor, giving someone a ride or whatever need may be displayed on a user-friendly table that can be sorted in many ways. Use the Helpademic map to locate needs in your area from local businesses or organizations and see how you can make a difference. Start giving back and Help make the world a better place!

Spread the word about Helpademic.org!  Help create sparks and fan the flames to nurture a contagious desire to Help others. Send information about Helpademic.org to any organization or business that could use this site as an outlet for advertising their needs. Be the first to “pop” up on the Helpademic map in your area. Let people looking for community service hours, or other ways they can provide Help, know about this easy resource to discover the many possibilities within their own communities.  Helpademic.org was created as an outlet to easily advertise and discover the many needs of communities in your area and throughout the world.  Spread the Helpademic and we will all make a difference!