Jacksonville, FL 12/10/2012 – When homeowners find themselves facing foreclosure, it can sometimes be difficult to get out from under the weight of the pressure and stress. Homeowners who find themselves in this circumstance are often blind to the options that are available to them.

“For many homeowners who find themselves in danger of losing their home, especially when their home is now worth less than the amount they owe, there are options which could save their credit scores and allow them to keep their dignity,” says Tracey McCue Paulsen, CDPE with Terry McCue Real Estate, Inc.  

“With options like loan modifications and short sales,” said [LAST NAME] “homeowners have a chance to better face the present and still have good options for the future.”  

As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE),Tracey McCue Paulsen has paid special attention to the options available to homeowners who find themselves in this situation. “These opportunities are nothing new,” Tracey said, “but once a homeowner gets to foreclosure, they often believe it is too late to take advantage of them. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

A Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) is knowledgeable of the entire landscape of foreclosure avoidance options and is distinctly qualified to negotiate with banks and help struggling homeowners regain peace of mind and a sense of stability for the future.

Tracey McCue Paulsen has developed a free report entitled, “Is the Strain of Foreclosure Crushing You?,” which is accessible from her website, www.terrymccuerealestate.com.  

The report provides an overview of the many foreclosure options that are available and provides instruction about how to take advantage of them.

Tracey McCue Paulsen
Terry McCue Real Estate, Inc.

For more information about the CDPE Designation, visit www.CDPE.com.