Chongqing Hengao Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a leading oil purifier manufacturer in China which is engaged in developing, producing and selling a series of oil purifiers. We have our own research and development centre and inspection centre. We have a number of national-class oil purifier experts and experienced engineers. Our products can be applied in many fields such as petroleum chemicals, electric power, chemical engineering, metallurgical industry, mining and transportation. Our products get a good reputation because of the excellence in quality, stability in service and diversity in series.
Our equipment series:
I. Insulating oil recycling equipments
 1,ZY Highly Efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier Series
 2,ZYB Multipurpose Oil Treatment Plant
 3,ZYDDoubale stage vacuum oil purifier Plant
II.Turbine oil recycling equipments
 1,TY Series Turbine Oil Purifier
 2,TYB Series Turbine Oil Purifier
III.Lubricant oil recycling equipments
 1,TYA Series Lubricant Oil Regeneration Plant
 2,TYC Phosphate Ester Fire-resistant Oil Purifier Series
 3,TYG High Viscosity Vacuum Oil Purifiers Series
 4,TGJ-50Coalescence-separation oil purifier series
IV.Black oil recycling equipments
 1,ZLE Black Engine Oil Treatment Plant
 2,ZLY black engine oil purifier
V.Portable oil recycling equipments
 1,JL Portable Filter Series
 2,JLB Portable precision oil purifier

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