Welcome to HenriettaSharp.com where imagination meets nutrition. We’re passionate about healthy foods and great stories. So we put the two together for a fresh approach to the fact-filled world of nutrition. We’re on a mission to create a branded environment where kids can learn to make healthy food choices and where makers of healthy products can market them to kids and their parents.

Henrietta Sharp and the Magic Lunch Box is a book for kids ages 10 – 12, available March 2012 as an eBook for Nook, iPad, Kindle, and Kobo.

HenriettaSharp.com introduces some of the characters from the book, helping us show kids some pretty cool stuff about the stuff they eat. Our goal is to help kids of all ages know exactly what they’re choosing when they made a food choice.

C’mon.  Join us.  The taste buds of humanity are under attack. The weapon is food.  The adventure begins here.