YOLO was founded in 2014 on a kitchen table in North Yorkshire, with nothing but £2000 and a vision to build a retail empire and world-leading work environment. Following a serious car accident, our founder was given the motivation to build a company that people loved coming to work for and offered them unparalleled work experiences.
With his two decades of experience in the online space, Scott launched our first business and before long a second was born. In the early years, YOLO relied on the goodwill of friends and family, until they could afford to recruit their first employee, Scott's brother-in-law Greg. They soon outgrew the kitchen table and moved to a bigger office where the team and companies grew exponentially.

Despite our initial budgets, investments were made into the team and work environment as we began to live and breathe our commitment to becoming a leading workplace. Hammocks were installed, the grass was put on the floors instead of carpets, flexible working was introduced and genuine kindness, support and care were offered to everyone that joined the YOLO family. Before long the business was well on its way and now owns and operates a plethora of fantastic brands.