Heritage Investment Management was founded in 1989 by a highly experienced team of specialists in finance, taxation and investment management. From our offices in Hong Kong, we combine expertise in investment banking, institutional trading, tax minimisation, estate planning, and wealth management for clients in 26 countries around the globe.

Heritage Investment Management was founded with the aim of delivering exceptional results in every aspect of our work. Our team is continually striving to exceed expectations, outperform our competitors and excel at what we do. At Heritage Investment Management, we understand that originality is our primary strategic advantage, and we are engaged in the continual process of formulating and executing pioneering solutions to our clients’ diverse requirements.

At Heritage Investment Management, we consider integrity to be the foundation upon which our strong and durable relationships with clients are assembled. This belief extends into every communication we have our clients, the companies we invest in, industry partners, and other actors in the market.

Heritage Investment Management works as a single, cohesive team, working in partnership to determine and realise the optimum outcome for our institutional and private clients worldwide. Our team knows the meaning of collective responsibility and corporate accountability, which leads us to continually identify and pursue solutions which will maximise the benefit to our clients by generating the exceptional growth in a low risk and tax efficient manner.