HireFaster launches the first portal to provide 5-years real-time reference checks and onboarding.

HireFaster: Key Features

*   5-Years Real-Time Reference Checking & Onboarding Documents
*   Company E-mail Check & Fraud Risk Mitigation
*   Key-Based Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA) & Sensitive Data Encryption
*   Strict Permissions, Access Controls & Governance
*   User-Friendly Dashboard with No Integration Required
*   Full Audit Trail & Management Reports

HireFaster: Key Benefits

*   Accelerated Recruitment and Significantly Lower Costs Per Hire
*   Superior Authentication, Access Controls, Permissions & Risk Governance
*   Mitigated Fraud Risks
*   Heightened Data Privacy
*   A secure cloud solution to exchange sensitive information

HireFaster on YouTube

To help spread the message HireFaster has developed a unique YouTube Channel, which raps about Tech, Security, Jobs and Reference Checks, combining entertainment with education.