Education and Job/Employment industry have always been intertwined but still there is a big gap in creating a direct correlation between what we learn and how we apply that. The vision of HiredBlock is to provide a platform which individuals across the globe can use to learn new skillsets and to be prepared to embrace any business opportunity that presents itself. HiredBlock combines blockchain technology, secure smart contracts, distributed infrastructure and machine learning with innovative business models to create a next generation learning and hiring solution. HiredBlock is a crowd sourced solution offering the global community of employers, creators, and students, a platform to learn new skills and get hired for similar and aligned jobs on one platform and to help connect to the global economy and empower entrepreneurship.

Join the team on telegram group to get the latest updates: https://t.me/hiredblock and visit them at www.hiredblock.com. Currently, the registration for presale is open and 2% of the overall token supply are being sold at roughly 400% discount. The discounts are huge however that only represents 2% of the total supply. The teams are based out of New York and Singapore and consists of veterans from banks, big 4 consulting and strategy firms who have served some of the fortune 50 companies.