Hispano provides high-quality linguistic, cultural advisory and localization services in Spanish,
as well as multilingual-multimedia desktop publishing, and project management services.

Our philosophy is to work in close collaboration with our clients by creating a long-lasting
and mutually beneficial business relationship based on trust.

Our mission is to make our clients' day easy and meet their most demanding needs
and expectations by providing smart solutions and the highest service level.


The text is translated, edited and reviewed by a professional translator with experience in the subject field.
When requested as a stand-alone service, a professional linguist with a degree in translation translates the text, following client specifications and our translation standards and internal QA process. This service may be used for draft-translation, when the purpose of the translation is just to know the general meaning, and there are no specific stylistic needs.


This includes editing by a professional linguist of existing translations completed by other linguists. The English and Spanish are compared sentence by sentence to make sure there are no mistranslations, omissions, additions or other mistakes.
No stylistic changes are made.


This service involves typesetting the translated text following the original text layout.
Output may be ready to print or proof by the client.
We provide multilingual-multimedia desktop publishing services in the most common writing scripts of the world. We are proficient in languages with double byte characters as Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Besides, we work comfortably with Right to Left languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hebrew and Yiddish adapting Roman formatted documents to the RTL reading (RTL page format and also RTF binding of the entire publication). We have a lo t of experience in DTP of Latin languages as well as Cyrillic, Armenian, Greek, and Indian scripts.

Project Management

This involves providing project management as a subcontracted service for translation agencies. Currently we have 1 client because it is very difficult to implement.

In the last 3 years we have become the main Spanish translation source for many of the following end clients:

• Citigroup,
• MetLife,
• Health Net,
• LA Care,
• Delta Dental,
• Kaiser Permanente,
• NYC Department of Health and Mental Health,
• NYS Department of Health,
• DOL,
• DOJ,
• California Office of State Publishing,
• California Department of Education,
• Caterpillar,
• AES,
• Microsoft, and many others.

Our Team:

Operations Manager:
• Software Engineer with 10 years of experience as Project Manager in the US.

Project Managers:
• Project Manager with 3 years of experience with direct clients for a US translation agency, and University training into Spanish.
• Project Manager with 2 years of experience with direct clients for a US translation agency, University training into Spanish and 4 years in Customer Service experience for clients in the US.
• Project Manager with 4 years of experience in the field of account management for advertising and marketing companies.

Project Coordinator:
• Project Coordinator with 5 years of linguistic training and experience in Customer Service for clients in the US.
• Project Coordinator with 2 years of experience as a creative writer and campaign coordinator in advertising agencies.

• Senior specialist with 3 years of experience in multilingual DTP.
• Junior specialist with 2 years of experience in graphic design.

Linguists (all with University degrees in translation):
• Senior linguist with 10 years of experience in all the above-mentioned areas. University Honorable mention.
• Senior linguist with 6 years of experience in education and medicine.
• Senior linguist with 3 years of experience in pharmaceutical and medical translation.
• Senior linguist with 3 years of experience in education, government and other areas.
• Two Junior linguists with 1 year of experience in general areas.

Degree level qualifications:
All our in-house and free-lance translators have a university degree in English into Spanish translation, from a 5-year course of studies.
They also attend continuing education opportunities, including those organized by Hispano.

Details of Universities attended (Town & Country)
School of Languages, University of Cordoba (Cordoba, Argentina).