Founded in 2006 by passionate personal and family historian Annie Payne, History from the Heart's mission is to save the living history of our times before the people who made it (our parents, grand parents and great grandparents) pass on.

The cause is the Living Legacy Project - a worldwide campaign to gather and preserve the personal and family history, the wisdom, values and life lessons of the heroes from WWII, the Korean War and Viet Nam before time passes forever and their stories are lost. Now the "Baby Boomer" generation is retiring and the pressure intensifies.

To make this happen we are building an army of Personal Legacy Advisors around Australia and New Zealand  to inform and inspire both families and the community. Using modern technology and online resources Advisors will help families collect and save their heritage and record the stories behind their heirlooms and keepsakes. By making history by preserving history PLAs will change the world one story at a time.

The rewards will be personally satisfying and financially rewarding however the latter should be regarded as secondary to the cause and unlikely to replace a full time job although a worthwhile secondary income attainable over time.